Birthday Bash

My actual 15th birthday.. I'm officially excused from class today. I was up all night celebrating my pre-15th birthday celebration with my family and friends. Pero clean party yun, walang hanky panky kahit nandun sina Jenser and Kuya Carlo. They don't know each other naman.. It was weird though.. 2 weeks ago halos napag sabay ko sila, and they don't even know it.. Though I wanted to have a quickie last night at my party with either of them, di pwede. Too risky, nandun mga relatives ko.. Hehe.. My relatives went back to Bulacan after the party last night. Tristan never brought up my masturbation act which he witnessed and enjoyed.. Anyway, I was particularly feeling lazy, and I just stayed in bed as the rest of the family went on with their daily schedule. One by one they went into my room and kissed me goodbye. My brothers were the first ones who barged in my room, jumped on my bed and wrestled me as they greeted me happy birthday again and gave me a messy kiss. Then they were off to school. My Mom followed inside and told me that I had an early visitor outside as she went off to take my brothers to school and off to her business. I got up to see who the visitor was. It was Alex, my schoolmate and avid suitor who lives a few blocks from my house. He's on his way to school as he stopped by to bring me a cake and card. Absent kasi sya sa birthday bash ko kagabi. Mom let him in as she went off with my brothers. I took the cake and put it in the kitchen. Kilala sya ng family ko coz his parents are friends with mine din. Papzi was in the kitchen, he kissed me and said "Oy, Mag salawal ka nga.." as he noticed I wasn't wearing anything underneath my oversized tee-shirt. Ugali kasi ni Papzi paluin ako sa butt pag bagong gising.. He felt bare ako undeneath my shirt kasi cotton yung shirt ko, e may bisita pa kaya mag salawal saw ako.. hehe, parang bata.. Alex was curiously observing my morning outfit after he heard my Dad.. Papzi went off na to work as Alex was pretending na paalis na din sya to school.. Style nya lang yun.. So there, we were home alone na. 

I teased Alex to skip school nalang. "tatambay ako dito mag hapon?" he smiled back. I started to have naughty ideas in my mind. Cute si Alex, though bansot sya for me. he's 5'4", medyo tisoy and di naman sya payat. A little work-out he could have a nice athletic body. Nga lang bansot nga sya for me. But Jenser and Alex has almost the same built naman.. Alex had been courting me in a torpeish way since freshman pa kami. Though di ko sya crush, he's ok naman and I've always kept a good friendship with him and his best-friend ( and karibal ) Jhonard, whom we call "J" for short. But between the 2 of them, I knew Alex had a more serious feelings for me than "J" who was always joking around about his "pagnanasa" saken.. Anyway, it was only 7:00 am and our classes starts at 7:30 am. I managed to convince Alex to skip school. He was texting "J" that he's skipping school and is staying sa house ko for the day. Nang-iinggit. They were always competing with me jokingly sa school. I went to my bathroom to have a quick shower but did not change into anything but the same oversized tee-shirt, but I obeyed my Dad and wore a fresh pair of white panties but still braless. Alex was chilling out lang sa living room looking at the party pictures from my digicam from last night. 7:35 am the doorbell rang and there was Jhonard outside the house.. Ayaw mag patalo, he skipped school as well.. I opened the gate and let "J" inside. Kabiruan ko si "J" kaya comfy naman ako with his company.Napailang nalang ako sa mag bestfriend na to.. Jhonard is taller, 5'7" tall, a bit skinny and has curly short hair, tisoy and a bit mayabang personality but has a good sense of humor.. They laughed and teased each other pag pasok ni Jhonard sa living room. Now I started to play games in my mind on what to do with these boys.. I could see that they would take pasimpleng gimpse at me in my outfit. Obvious kasi I wasn't wearing any bra under my loose shirt. They asked me if one of them had a shot of being my BF daw. I said both of them aren't my type.. Kahit skin deep man lang daw sana, they joked.. Pwede naman, I just thought.. hehe.. Nag kwentuhan at nag biruan lang kami till past 8am..They teased me na magiging manang daw ako and that i will miss out on the pleasures of having a BF... Haha, if they only knew. I told them I can get all the pleasures naman that i want kahit walang boyfriend... They asked me how's that possible when masturbation has only limited pleasure lang naman daw. Ganun kami mag biruan with the boys sa school. Vulgar and naughty.. Pero sanay na kami sa ganun.. We were good friends naman kasi.. They have no idea I'm naughtier.. hehe.. I just said in my most teasing manner "sundan nyo 'ko if you care to find out.." and I walked to my bedroom, left the door open and glanced back at them with a naughty smile.. I was testing my Dad's advice before, that when it comes to sex, it's the women who decides if it will happen or not.. Yun daw ang upper-hand ng mga babae.. 

I don't know what got over me but I took off my loose shirt over my head, my back towards my bedroom door, and stood there sa foot ng bed ko glancing back at them sa living room. I was only clad in my skimpy white panties. "J" was standing wide-eyed and mouth-open, and Alex was sitting on the couch taking a peek at my open bedroom door with a similar expression. There was a moment of silence. Then "J" asked aloud "Iris, nag titease ka lang ba or seryoso ka?".. I turned around, sat on my bed and answered back "First come-first serve!" in my sheepish inviting manner.. My bare breast now exposed to these stupified boys.. I heard "J" mumbled something like "(bleep...).." and he walked towards my room na, taking off his school polo as he entered my room and the rest of his uniform na.. Nagmamadali and taranta.. He was only in briefs and socks as he was about to close my bedroom door and I told him not to. I peeked back sa living room and yelled at Alex "Oy, ikaw, ayaw mo? sige ka di na mauulit to after this!..." and winked at him. "J" was obviously surprised as he had the expression na that this would be a threesome.. Thinking baka unahan pa sya ng karibal nya, "J" knelt down in front of me and touched my bare breasts. He mashed them excitedly with cold hands as Alex went inside my room, still wide eyed and speachless. I guided Jhonard's hands to the waist garters of my underwear. He slipped it off my legs with trembling hands. He sniffed it muna before throwing my underwear accross the room. I finally confirmed that it's in a guy's DNA to sniff a girl's underwear before sex.. I remember Kuya Carlo did that, so did Jenser.. I was now totally nude sitting on my bed, "J" kneeling in front of me staring at the bare corner of my legs. I stood up and went over to where Alex was standing and helped him strip. "J" took his brief off na but not his socks. hehe. Sobrang excited. He was stroking his hard, medium sized penis with his hand in anticipation. Alex was in his brief nalang din and socks drooling over my nudity as "J" grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the bed. He was rough as he threw me sa bed and went on top of me and dove his face to my breast and started to kiss and suck them. He was excitedly poking his hard dick to my vagina and missed it a couple of times until I grabbed his dick and guided it to the right hole. He was going crazy kissing and sucking at my twins as he shoved his dick inside me without care. Ang rough talaga nya. Obviously first time nya to.. I was not wet enough pa kaya it took a while before he could penetrate me fully with his virgin dick. "J" was mumbling and grunting wildly na as he penetrated me fully and started to pump me hard and fast. Feeling ko nirerape ako kasi he was so rough.. Medyo masakit yung pag pepenetrate nya.. I looked at Alex and he was all nude na din and stroking his short hard dick with his hand furiously as he watched his bestfriend (bleep...)ing me on the bed. I wasnt moaning with Jhonard's wild thrusts but I was grunting coz of his roughness. Di masyado pleasurable but it was intense pa din, mixed feelings with the fact I'm having casual consensual sex with my classmate in front of his bestfriend who would take his turn with me din after him. It was only 8:55 am and here I am having one-day-stand with two boys in my own bedroom. Open pa yung door ng room ko, the living room door wasnt even locked and our gate was open.. Grabe.. I took advantage na din of my being in a safe period as I just ended my period 4 days ago.

Jhonard kept pumping me hard and I was getting wet na, and felt more pleasurable na even though rough pa din yung thrusts nya saken. He was hitting my cervix with almost every thrust. Medyo mahaba din yung skinny dick nya.. My grunts became moans na. Alex stood near the bed na still stroking his hard dick. Saglit lang nilabasan agad si "J" inside me.. Less than 3 minutes of pumping me lang! He kissed me hard sa lips as he grunted aloud and came inside me.. He was still pumping me but slowly as he squeezed every drop he could inside me. I pushed him off me, he was biting at my lips kasi sa sobrang gigil siguro.. Then I sat up, teased him "Yun lang? Binitin moko ha.." and turned to Alex's direction and pulled him over me sa bed. I felt Jhonard's lucky sperms ooze out from my vagina. I laid back and let Alex take his turn, pushing "J" off the bed. Alex poked his dick to my wet opening and went inside smoothly. He didnt even bothered to wipe off his friend's sperms as he pumped away on top of me. He was not as rough as "J".. But obvioulsly first timer din sya. "Oohh.. Irisss!.. Ahhh.. (bleep...)!.. Ahhhh.." he kept grunting as he pumped me hard but a bit tenderly than "J".. Alex had a short but fatter dick than "J".. I started building up an orgasm na as he kissed me sa lips and sa face. Yumakap sya saken, our bodies clasped tightly as he kept pumping me.. I had my first orgasm.. I came hard and long as he kept pumping me, his left hand behind me gripping at my butt, his right arm around by back.. Sarap ng feeling as I came with matching squishing sounds at our joint sexes.. "J" was just sitting on the bed just over my head intently watching, stroking my hair as he let his friend (bleep...) me good.. A few seconds lang as my first orgasm ebbed away, Alex grunted my name aloud and he came inside me. Diniin nya mabuti yung thrust nya as he came.. Both his hands gripping at my waist as he lifted his upper body over me as he was cumming.. I felt every squirt inside me.. Warm feeling inside.. I moaned aloud as I came na for the second time as he finished off.. less than 5 minutes lang sya nag last..

Ayaw patalo ni "J" sensing that I came twice with his friend, zero pa sa kanya.. He pushed Alex off me and twisted my position towards him, and he positioned himself on top of me again and dove in for his 2nd round.. He went inside my slippery vagina smoothly this time and pumped me hard but slowly this time.. I felt every inch of his dick slide inside of me until the head reached the tip of my cervix. It was so pleasurable! He started to build a better rythm as he pumped me slowly and deeply.. Sabay kaming nag momoan as he hit my cervix.. Alex bent over to my face and kissed me sa lips and mashed my left breast as "J" (bleep...)ed me gripping me sa waist with both hands, my legs over his shoulders.. Ang ingay ko na nun, moaning in full pleasure sa ginagawa nila saken.. Sarap ng feeling having the full attention of four hands mashing at my hips and breasts at the same time having someone deep-(bleep...)ing me to the cervix, and another kissing me torridly all at the same time.. I started to cum na for the third time.. Sobrang lakas ng orgasm ko this time as I almost screamed in pleasure.. Alex stuck his tongue in my mouth as I came, and "J" started to pump me harder, faster and deeper.. I felt a state of pleasurable-daze as I came hard.. I was so oozing na between my legs.. Mixed sperms nila and my juices was dripping na on my bed.. "J" lasted longer this time.. I glanced at my clock, It was 9:15am na.. Nag pause saglit si "J" and I took that pause as my chance to turn over, I spread my legs away from his shoulders and pushed him to the side. Alex sat up na ulit, and I turned over without detaching my oozing pussy from Jhonard's hard dick.. I was on top na, my hands over Jhonard's skinny chest. Nag pause ako saglit as I composed myself for a good "horseback-ride" position and started sliding forward and backwards on Jhonard's pubic bone, his dick inside of me.. I ginded my hips slowly and we both moaned in pleasure.. I saw Alex wet off from the bed and looked for something to wipe his wet dick.. "J" was mashing both my brerasts with his hands as I started building rythm sa pag grind ko.. Ilang minutes lang he came na inside me for the 2nd time.. Ang bibilis nilang labasan! "Aaaahhhh!" he yelled.. I felt his dick pulsating as he came. Ang sarap ng feeling.. I started to orgasm again for the 4th time as "J" finished off.. 

Alex found my towel and went over back to the bed as he knew nilabasan na yung friend nya and it was his 2nd turn naman.. Wala pa akong 3 minutes on top of "J" when he came.. "Wala ka palang binatbat eh.." hingal kong biru kay "J" ulit.. He just smiled naughtily looking exhausted but hard pa din ang dick nya! I slid off him and dami na talagang nag ooze na fluids from my well attended pussy.. Alex took the courtesy in wiping me between my legs with my towel. "J" slid off from the bed and I let Alex lie down sa middle. I went on top of him and guided his dry hard dick inside me again.. Round 2 naman nya.. He slid in smoothly as I pumped and grinded my hips for him.. I reached behind me and supported myself by clutching at Alex's thighs behind me, stretching by back and exposing my breast in full view for both of them.. I was gringing pleasurably over Alex with his fat dick inside of me.. I closed my eyes and lingered on the feeling.. I felt "J" sat on the bed beside us and suck at my breast, one after the other as Alex guided my every grind with his hands on my hips. Sarap, as in so so wet nako wit my juices oozing out with a mixture of their sperms.. Fininger ni "J" yung clit ko as he sucked on my breast and Alex's hands on my hips, his dick inside me. Medyo naka sandal ang position ko, my hands supporting my body behind me, nakahawak ako sa thighs ni Alex.. I started building another orgasm as "J" fingered me while I pumped Alex.. Jhonard was sucking at my nipples, almost biting it sa gigil nya.. I came nanaman, my 5th orgasm.. My room was filled with grunts and moans and squishing sounds of my sex with Alex.. Nag tagal si Alex in this position.. I opened my eyes and saw it was 9:50 am na.. Ang tagal nya, until I was almost lost for breath sa sensations na ginagawa nilang dalawa saken.. Jhonard kept fingering me and sucking at my breast all the while.. 20 minutes na ganun.. At around 10:10am I felt another orgasm crashing out of me.. My 6th na!! Nag cum na at last si Alex for his 2nd time in a few seconds after me.. As I felt him finish, I slumped beside him sa bed exhausted.. Gulat ko nalang as Alex turned over on top of me and penetrated me again with his still hard dick, kahit kakatapos nya lang labasan.. He pumped away hard and fast as he kissed me sa lips.. Even "J" obviously did not expect that.. Kala nya it's his turn na ulit.. I was in a trance na sa extreme level of pleasure. Di nako nag orgasm ulit pero wet na wet talaga ako all the way until mga 15 minutes of Alex's non-stop pumping, nag cum na sya for the 3rd time.. He was tired at last. I felt his dick shrink inide of me.. I pushed him over.. Pagod na din ako.. He just lay exhausted beside me catching his breath.. Minove ako ni "J" sa gilid ng bed and he went on top of me for his 3rd round.. I just let him pump me roughly as he did the first round.. I was so exhausted na pero feel ko pa din ang pleasure ng ginagawa nya.. Alex lay panting beside me as "J" (bleep...)ed me like a crazy animal.. Latang lata nako and just moaned all the way until "J" did a lot of positions with my legs. He spread them wide apart, as he held my inner thighs and pumped away.. Then he put both my legs over his shoulder and pumped away.. Then he put my right leg down on the bed, my left leg on his shoulder, both his hands under my butt, his sweaty chest on my breasts, his face sa side ng face ko and pumped away.. I came twice more sa mga ginawa nyang positions while he was on top.. So wet ako sa dami na ng sperms na pinasok nila saken plus 8 of my orgasms.. Tumagal si Jhonard for the first time sa round na to.. Around 10:40am he was grunting my name na as he came hard and deep inside me.. He sucked at my neck, surely I got a hickey sa ginawa nya.. He came inside me for the 3rd time.. Tapos he even licked my neck up to my cheeks.. Then he slumped on top of me as I felt his dick finally shrink inside of me.. My bed so wet na with sperms and sweat in different places.. Alex was still motionless watching us.. Nag pahinga na din sila at last.. I closed my eyes and caught my breath, "J" laid still over me, panting and sweating.. I just had my 2nd intense spontaneous threesome ever..

I heard Alex said ang sarap ko daw.. Jhonard agreed and said I was hot.. I pushed "J" off me and rested sa gitna nilang dalawa.. Alex sa right side, Jhonard sa left.. I closed my eyes.. Medyo napa idlip ako and felt nalang their hands caressing my private parts.. As I came to my senses, it was 11:45 am na.. Both boys still resting beside me. I stood off the bed and went to my bathroom and nag banlaw lang sa shower without wetting my hair. As I stepped out of the bathroom, "J" was at the door still in the nude with a hard dick, obviously naka recover na and grabbed me sa wrist ko and pulled me back sa magulo kong bed. Alex was not in the room as he went back to the living room to get my digicam. Ngarag pa ako from the six rounds and eight orgasms I had with these boys today.. Kiniss ako ni "J" from my lips to my neck, down to my breasts where he lingered a bit then to my tummy, down to my pubic bone, to my clit and vagina where he lingered some more. He took advantage of my freshly bathed nudity and I just enjoyed his first foreplay from 11:55am till mga past 12noon.. Alex was taking pictures using my digicam which he took from the living room. "J" was already eating me out the best he could.. I moaned and nag paubaya nalang.. He warmed me up pretty good as I started to get wet again. 

Then after a few minutes of pleasuring me with his tongue and mouth, he went on top of me again. Grabe, his 4th round.. He slid his semi-hard, long skinny dick back inside of me and he surely felt my tightness this time kasi I was cleaned up na.. Though di na sya sing hard as the first 3 rounds, he managed to penetrate me again. "Aaahhhhh" he moaned as he slid inside me slowly to the brim.. Medyo di na sya rough this time.. Slowly and tenderly na nya akong niromansa.. My head was at the direction of the foot of my bed and as I looked up, there was Alex taking pictures, buti nalang cam ko gamit nya. Walang cam fone nila.. I noticed Alex had a limp dick.. Di pa nakakarecover.. haha.. Medyo pagod pa din obviously si "J" kaya slowly na nya ako pinupump and his dick wasn't as hard na talaga as kanina.. He pumped me tenderly and slowly. I felt talaga his dick was soft pero semi-hard enough to keep pace with his pumping.. I gave away soft moans din. He lifted his upper body off me, clutching both my wrists with his hands over my head. Tapos he was just gringing his pubic bone over mine, di na sya nag pupump. Taking care na di mahugot yung almost limp na nyang dick inside of me.. After a few minutes of just stroking and grinding me, I felt medyo humaba at nag haharden ulit dick nya but still semi-soft pa din.. Then he started pumping me again softly and deeply.. Tender na yung movements nya.. He still managed to make me orgasm. 9th ko na to.. Nag squishing sounds nanaman ang pussy ko habang inupump nya ako.. I was moaning a bit louder na with my orgasm. Though it was not that intense.. Pagod pa kasi ako and di din sya rough saken.. Then "J" just grinded his pubic bone again over mine. I felt a pleasurable pressure sa clit ko as a result sa friction of our pubic bones.. I felt na pinipilit nyang mag cum that way, dinidiin nya ng sobra sobra, relying on the friction na instead of pumping me. Soft na kasi ulit yung dick nya inside me.. He let go of my wrists and dug both his hands under my butt to maximize the pressure of his grinding.. His face at my left ear, breathing heavily again.. Our bodies locked together. "Ayan nako Irrisss!!.. Aaaagghhh! (bleep...)!!" And he came na for the 4th time inside me. His soft dick pulsating inside me.. Napasabay ako ng pag orgasm for the 10th time naman..I was biting my lip sa intensity ng final orgasm ko together with his.. We finished off at 12:35 noon.. A few minutes after our synchronized orgasms faded, Jhonard turned to the side ng bed, his dick popping out of my overly used pussy.. I realized all these 2 boys did was just one position. Missionary lang and just played with positioning my legs.. Other than that, yung ako nasa top lang ang position namen.. They were first timers naman so, it's understandable. Anyway, I was fully worked up din naman.. Pinagod nila ako.. 

I was expecting Alex to take his friend's place pero he did not. I looked over to him and saw he had a hard time getting his limp dick hard again. He kept stroking it with his hand. I was so tired and drained naman to help him out.. I pleasured 2 young boys ba naman for more than 3 hours one after the other eh.. I just slumped on my bed nalang.. Alex just sat nalang in disapointment beside me and sucked at my nipples. Nakiliti ako in a pleasurable way. Sobrang sensitive kasi ng body ko every after orgasm eh.. In just a few moments I felt the warm sperms inside me ooze out of me from my pussy to my butt to my bed.. (bleep...), I was so so drained.. I stood up and groggily went out of my bedroom and to my parents' room. I left the nude boys in my room. I locked the door sa next room and slumped sa bed nila Daddy.. Baka kasi pilahan nanaman nila ako after they recover. Di ko na kaya.. hehe.. Naka dapa ako in the nude sa bed and fell asleep.. 

I heard nag knock sila sa door and said aalis na daw si Alex. It was almost 4pm na! Damn, my brothers should be home by now.. As I stood up, I heard "J" was making kwento na with one of my young brother sa living room. He was decent looking na, and heard my youngest brother playing na sa room nila. I sneaked back to my room, in the nude and dressed up in a tee-shirt and shorts.. I went back sa living room and joined the boys sa kwentuhan. Alex was gone na. Jhonard and I exchanged meaningful glances as my brother went about his day in school. We ate Alex's cake as our snack, nagutom ako sa kalokohan na pinag gagawa ko today.. In a moment, nag paalam na si "J" and we had a short talk sa gate, I told him to be discreet about what happened, otherwise di na sya makakaulit.. I just added 2 more friends with benifits in my list today.. Who the hell needs a boyfriend? 

Back Seat

After my 4pm class I had an hour of volleyball practice pa so I let my brothers walk back home with my classmate and avid suitor Alex. I was also expecting a short visit here sa school from Kuya Carlo. We had been exchanging text messages for a few weeks na planning our next meeting but our bussy schedule got in the way. Plus I never had a time alone sa house to "accomodate" him. So, after the practice, I was still in my varsity uniform as I went outside the campus and saw his Honda CRV parked outside. He was in the driver's seat alone. I said goodbye to my team mates and went to meet Kuya Carlo. I hopped in the passenger seat and we drove off. Though walking distance lang naman ang school sa subdivision namen, Kuya Carlo and I had a bit of road trip muna habang nag kwentuhan. He missed me na daw. We went to a seveneleven and had some refreshments. Then mga 6pm he drove me home na. As we got in my subdivision, he drove further muna sa may clubhouse. He parked the CRV under the trees sa may dark side ng clubhouse na di masyado nadadaanan ng sasakyan. It was getting dark na and wala masyado tao sa clubhouse. The area where he parked was not noticable. Of course alam ko na what he had in mind.. 

"Dito mo ba papakita how much you miss me?" I teasingly asked him. He just leaned over to me from the driver's seat and kissed me.. 2 months din ako di naka tikim ng french kiss.. We kissed for about 3 minutes straight, as he worked his hands groping my breast through my varsity shirt. As we parted out lips, medyo napahingal ako. He took my shirt off. I was looking around to see if may makakakita samen. He just told me to relax, tinted naman daw yung windows. He shut the engine as to not to attract much attention. Then he just pulled the driver's and passenger's windows down a bit to let in the air. He threw my shirt at the backseat. He was just wearing a teeshirt and khaki shorts with belt. He slid the back of our seats to a 45 degree angle for us to have more space up front. 

We kissed again and he slid his hand in my shorts and through my underwear to play eith my pubes and clit.. I gasped in his mouth as he fingered my clit. Then Kuya Carl slid my shorts to my legs and I kicked off my rubber shoes so that he could slide my shorts off and he put them in the backseat as well. I was in my bra and panties and socks nalang. I still could not help look arond us. I knew how adventurous he was, which makes me nervous.. We kissed again and he unsclasped my bra. As It slid down my arms, he dove his face to my breasts and sucked at my nipples. I let out a concious moan. I was still looking around nervously. If anyone comes up to where we were parked, I have nothing to cover mysel up.. Kuya Carl kept sucking my twins as he threw my bra to the passenger seat floor, sa foot ko. Then he mashed my breast with his hands as he sucked my nipples.. Napapikit nako sa sarap. I moaned in delight na.. I did my best to unstrap his belt and unzip his shorts. Seeing it would be very difficult for him to position himself in the front seat to (bleep...) me, he sat back up, looked around muna and he went out of the CRV. He walked around to my side and opened the door. Naka unzip na yung shorts nya. He reached down to me and slid my panties off my legs and he threw it in the backseat. I was so concious na coz I was fully naked na except for my socks. The passenger seat side door was open, exposing me to whoever may pass by sa side namen.. Although it was almost dark na and maraming trees sa pinarking ni Kuya Carl. "Kita tayo dito, ano ka ba?" I whispered. He just pulled his zipper open, pulled his brief down enough to release his 7" hard dick, half kneeling at my side he turned me to face the open door, still sitting in my seat, I leaned backwards as he positioned himself over me. He put my right legs over his left arm and my other leg on the open car door. In a crouching position, he poked his hard dick between my legs and slowly impaled me... 

I gasped as his dickhead managed to push inside me for an inch or two.. Medyo well-moist nako.. Seeing it was a hard position, he lifted both my legs over his arms, pushed me forward towards him, shifted his weight and lifted me out of the passenger seat!.. As he stood up, my weight automatically pushed my body downwards to his pelvic area and his dick pushed more than halfway inside of my vagina. Feel na feel ko yung shaft nya sa vaginal walls ko. I was not that wet pa, medyo moist lang kaya feel ko yung friction.. I gasped aloud at the sensation of the sudden implement and the shock that I was completely out of the CRV at the passenger side of the car - Naked and being (bleep...)ed na by this big guy na completely clothed pa except for his unzipped shorts with his dick burried inside of me.. I put my hands over my face "ooohhh, Kuya naman, wag dito sa labas.." Yet he just pushed my back to the side of the backseat door and thrust his hips upward and boom! Pasok na pasok na sya saken.. He made a few more thrusts and I immediately started to get wet.. "Kuya, pleeassse!" I begged.. Anyone culd see us at this position. I was fully naked, ok lang sa kanya coz the only naked part of him was deep in my vagina na!.. After a few more thrusts, he stepped back still carrying me and not detaching our joint sex, he told me to reach back and open the backseat door. I quickly opened it, then he lowered his standing position and slowly crouched forward to fit me inside the backseat. He sat me down, and as I pushed my body into the CRV's backseat, his dick popped out of me.. He then lowered his shorts a bit, crawled on top of me and impaled me again with his hard dick..

Yun na yun.. He (bleep...)ed me there with the backseat door open, half his legs outside. My right leg on the seatbelt corner of the backseat and my left leg on the front passenger seat headrest. Kuya Carlo on top of me, still in his teeshirt, his shots pulled halfway down his butt, his dick pumping hard in and out of my wet pussy.. I just moaned and moaned and orgasmed in just a few seconds.. "ooohhh.. ssshhhit!.. aaagghhh.. ooohhh.. Kuya.." I kept on it as he quickened his pumping.. His arm around under my neck, the other mashing at my breast.. I felt the CRV shaking with his every thrust.. Sa sobrang miss nya saken and excitment, he came agad in just 15 minutes.. Mabilis na yun for him.. After my second orgasm, I felt him push a deep thrust and nag pause sya as his dick pulsated inside of me and I felt the warmth of his spurting sperms flowing through my cervix.. Magkakaron na din naman ako in 4 or 5 days from now so I knew I was safe.. "Aaahhh.. I missed you Shek.." He said as he came.. Sheky kasi ang nickname nya saken.. He pumped me a few more times until nag subside na yung pag cum nya.. He stayed on top of me for a few minutes, both of us catching our breath.. 

"Baka may dumaan, makita tayo.." I whispered as I regained my composure.. He slowly pulled out off me, stood outside the CRV and took a handcercheif from his backpocket and wiped his semi-soft dick from the mixture of my juices and his sperm. He zipped his shorts back up and handed me the handcerchief.. I wiped myself and picked up the scattered pieces of my clothing from the backseat. Nag bihis ako as he went back to the driver's seat. As I slipped on my panties and shorts, I just wore my varsity shirt, braless as I transfered from the backseat to the front passenger seat. Nasa floor ng passenger seat kasi yung bra ko.. As we were all set, Kuya Carl drove me home. 6:50pm na as I hopped out of his CRV and he drove off na. I went inside the house, kissed my parents goodevening and rushed to my bedroom right away. I did not want them to notice I was braless under my shirt..


Junior- Seniors Prom sa Sabado, pagkatapos nyan ay mga college students na kami nang mga ka batch ko pagdating nang March; punyeta!!! Kaso lagpak ako sa subject na Physics sigurado mag sa summer ako. Hay!!! Bakasyon sana ako sa probinsya hinde matutuloy dahil lamang jan sa Physics na yan. Pinakiusapan ko homeroom titser ko wala daw syang magagawa na pakiusapan si Ms. Garcia na titser ko sa Physics. Masaya ang dating nang aming JS Prom feeling mga talagang adults na kami, inuman at higit sa lahat tumira kami nang damo at bogsa na bogsa ang barkada, pasado alas 12 na ay isa-isa nang nagsiuwian ang mga tao, dahil sa Linggo pa bukas ay nagyaya ang isa kong barkada na ituloy ang inuman duon sa bahay nila.

Nakarating kami sa kanila bandang ala 1:30 na, tuloy ang inom at hithit nang damo, nag sounds at nanuod nang mga x-rated movies, lumabas ako para mag-cr at nakita kong pumasok yung isang katulong nila sa banyo, sinundan ko at di ko alam kung bakit ko nagawang sunggaban ang suso ni neneng, nagulat sya at tumakbo sa loob nang banyo at nag lock. Pagkatapos nyang umihi ay lumabas sya na para bang takot at nag sorry ako sa kanya, di nya ako pinansin at tuloy tuloy sya sa kwarto nila. Pagbalik ko sa inuman ay nagulat ako dahil nagtatawanan ang mga barkada, ang cheap mo Pare sabi ni Norman, pati ba naman katulong kinana mo kung gsto mo hanap tayo ngayon, dahil tinamaan kami nang libog ay umalis pa kami nang oras na yun, pick up kami sa may QC at nag kanya-kanyang check in kami.

Mayaman sila Norman at may malaking negosyo ang kanyang Intsik na Papa di lang sa Luzon pati sa Cebu, at laging nag aabroad ang buong pamilya. Retarded ang ate ni Norman at yun daw ang nagdala nang swerte sapamilya nila.

Kinabukasan paggising ko ay dederetso na sana ako sa banyo nang makita ko na bukas ang pinto nang kwarto nang ate ni Norman, nakita ko na walang suot na panty at nagbabasa nang komiks at nagsasalita mag isa, ang lago nang bulbul, naisip ko tuloy parang masarap dilain ang kanyang pekpek at swear to God sigurado akong virgin pa ate nya.

Paglabas ko sa banyo ay bukas pa rin ang pinto at kitang-kita ko ang guhit nang kanyang kiki, dali-dali akong pumasok nang kwarto nya at lakas loob kong lumuhod at sinilip ang kanyang naka bukakang pekpek, inamoy ko walang amoy at di na ako nahiya dinila ko rin dahil sa di ko matiis na libog. Binaba nya yung komiks at umungol nang marahan nang pinapasok ko na ang matigas kong dila sa kanyang basang pekpek, sarap na sarap ako sa pekpek nang ate ni Norman gsto ko na sana syang kantutin kaso natatakot ako baka makasuhan ako nang pamilya nila kaya duon na mismo ako nagjakol sa harap nang ate nya, ang daming lumabas sa akin. Sarap na sarap ako sa utol ni Norman, alam kong mali ang aking ginawa pero anong magagawa ko eh dumating ako sa punto nang libog, sinuso ko ang kanyang suso at hinimas-himas ko ang kanyang kiki na hindi pa nagagalaw nang kahit sino,pagkatapos kong labasan ay nagpaalam na ako kay Norman at umuwi nang bahay.

Lumipas ang ilang buwan ay graduation na, hay! eto ako nag sa summer lunes hanggang Biyernes, at si Ms.Garcia mismo ang aming guro sa summer na yun; pagtapos nang klase ay nakita ko si Ms. Garcia sa may gate na may kausap na lalake. Lumapit ako at yung kausap nya palang yun ay si Don Don na syota nya na kapitbahay namin nuong bata pa ako, nagkausap kami at kwentuhan palitan nang # ng cp at nagpaalam na sila dahil may pupuntahan daw sila sa hapong yun.

Dinala ni Don Don si Ms. Garcia duon sa bahay nila sa may Tondo at sabay silang naligo at pina tsupa ni Don Don etits nya kay Ms. Garcia sa loob nang banyo, si Don Don naman ay walang sawang pinaglalaruan nya dila nya sa pekpek ni Ms. Garcia. Di na sila nagbihis at duon mismo sa salas kinantot ni Don Don syota nya, tinaas ang isang hita sa may balikat nya at pasok labas ang matigas nyang etits sa makipot na butas na kiki ni Ms. Garcia, pinadapa nya si Ms. Garcia at patalikod nyang kinantot na para bang ginagahasa habang ang isang kamay naman ni Don Don ay lamas lamas ang dede ni Ms. Garcia, sige pa Don Don ang sigaw ni Ms. Garcia sige pa ang sarap ! ang sarap! parang walang patawad nyang kinakanatot ang aking guro sa Physics. Pinatihaya nya naman si Ms.Garcia at tinaas ang 2 paa at duon nya tinapos ang pagkakantot nya sa guro ko. Pawis na pawis silang pareho sa ginawa nilang kamunduhan, nalaman ko etong mga pangyayari na eto nang isang araw ay nag inuman kami ni Don Don at naikwento nya sa akin ang lahat nang yun. Tigas na tigas etits ko sa mga kwento nya dahil cguro sa kalasingan ay naibulgar nya sa akin ang lahat; di lumipas ang 1 oras ay bagsak na si Don Don sa kalasingan, hinatid ko sya sa inuupahan nyang bahay sa Tondo, at duon ko nakita cp nya.

Nakita ko # ni Ms. Garcia at tinext ko na kunyari ako si Don Don, pinapupunta ko sya sa bahay ni Don Don dahil may problema, kaya dali-dali naman sumugod si Ms. Garcia sa bahay nila, nakita nyang nakabulagta si Don Don at ako naman ay nakatago na di nya kita, binihisan nya si Don Don at sa aktong pagpapalit nang t-shirt ay sinukahan ni Don Don si Ms. Garcia sa damit nya, hinubad nya rin ang damit nya at kitang-kita ko ang buong katawan ni Ms. Garcia, ang sarap mo ma'am ang sa isip ko, pumasok sya nang banyo para maligo.

Boso ang inabot sa akin ni Ms. Garcia nang pumasok sya nang banyo para maligo, kitang-kita ko ang hugis nang kanyang katawan, di na ako nagpaliguy-ligoy pa at pinasok ko sya sa loob nang banyo nagulat sya at tinakpan ko ang kanyang bibig nang aking kamay at pinaghahalikan ang kanyang mga leeg na nagpupumiglas, hinawakan ko ang kanyang 2 kamay at lumuhod ako at pinagdidila nag kanyang pekpek na mabango pa sa pinipig. Sinandal ko sya sa pader habang umaagos ang tubig dinede ko ang kanyang maliit na suso at pinasok ko ang 1 kong daliri sa kanayang pekpek.

Ahhhh!!! napauongol si ma'am pasok labas ang daliri ko sa ngayo'y basang basa na pekpek nya sa aking pag fifinger sa kanya. hwag! Baka magising si Norman ang sabi ni Ms. Garcia sa akin, di ko pinakinggan ang mga sinasabi nya at patayo kong pinasok ang titi ko sa basa nyang pekpek ahhh!!!! umungol sya nang pinasok ko ulo nang titi ko sa kanya at mabilis kong binaon ang buong etits ko sa kanyang pagka babae, kantot na kantot na ako sa iyo ma'am ang bulong ko sa kanya habang kinakantot ko sya, ang sarap mo ma'am , ang sarap! Malapit na akong labasan ang sabi ko sa kanya, ayan na ako ma'am sabayan mo ako ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Sarap tang ina nakaraos din ako sa kanya.

Ramdam na ramdam ko ang kipot nang pekpek ni ma'am Garcia, at hinde nya mapagkakaila ang init nang kanyang katawan nang pinasok ko ang aking tarugo sa munting kweba nya,una syang lumabas nang banyo at sumunod ako, bakit mo ginawa sa akin eto? tanong ni ma'am, dahil nuon pa kita pinagpapantasyahan ang sagot ko naman sa kanya, sabay hawak sa kanyang mga kamay na para bang humihingi nang dispensa, di mo ba alam na ikakasal na kami ni Don Don sa December?

At sya ang unang lalake na gumawa sa akin nito ang sabi nya sa akin; di ko alam ang sagot ko naman sa kanya, hwag na sana malaman ni Don Don etong nangyari sa atin dahil mahal na mahal ko sya ang sabi naman ni Ms. Garcia sa akin na para bang sya pa ang humihingi nang dispensa, walang problema ma'am, ang sabi ko naman sa kanya. Sa tuwing nasa school kami ay para bang nahihiya syang tumingin sa akin dahil duon sa nangyari sa amin, after class ay nakita ko si Don Don na sinundo sya at sa isip-isip ko "sarap nang syota mo Don Don".

Pag uwi ko nang bahay ay laking gulat ko nang makita ko si Norman duon sa labas nang bahay namin, uy! Pare napasyal ka? napadaan ako dito sa inyo dahil may inasikasong negosyo na malapit dito, kaya naisipan kong tumuloy sa inyo, bumili ako nang beer at naginuman kami sa maghapon. Sa kasarapan nang kwento ay naikwento ko kay Norman yung nangyari sa amin ni Ms. Garcia; di ako naniniwala Pare ang sabi nya sa akin, lasing ka lang at pantasya mo yan ang sabi ni Norman sa akin, hinde kita niloloko tutuo sinasabi ko ang sagot ko naman sa kanya, paano mo mapapatunayan? kaya nagisip ako nang paraan paano ko mapatunayan kay Norman ang mga aking nasabi. Nuon pa alam kong may crush si Norman kay Ms. Garcia at nagpapadala nang mga fresh flowers sa kanya na unknown senders, at minsan ay nasabi rin sa akin ni Norman na pinagpapantasyahan nya si Ms. Garcia sa tuwing sya ay nag mamasturbate.

No hurt feelings Pare ang sabi ko sa kanya, pero papatunyan ko sa iyo one of this days na tutuo mga sinasabi ko sa iyo, dahil mahilig sa sugal si Norman ay sinabi nya na " Sige kapag napatunayan mo yan bibigyan kita nang 5,000" at kapag hinde naman ay treat mo ako nang dinner at sa clubbing, pumayag ako at yun ang deal.

May amats na kaming pareho ni Norman at sinabi ko sa kanya " Pare katuwaan yayain ko si Ms. Garcia ngayon dito at kantutin natin? "

Kapag nagawa mo yan dagdag 5,000 give ko sa iyo ngayon din. Malibog kaming pareho kapag nakainom. tinext ko si ma'am at ask ko kung nasan sya nasa divisoria daw sya at namimili nang tela para pang uniform, sabi ko sa kanya mag meet kami nang mga bandang alas 5 dahil may sasabihin ako sa kanya. Dala namin ni Norman ang kotse at sinundo si ma'am, hi! ma'am ang sabi ni Norman nang makita sya, hi! ang sagot naman ni Ms. Garcia, saan nyo ba ako dadalhin? punta tayo sa bahay ni Norman ang sagot ko sa kanya, binulong ko sa kanya na pumayag sya sa kagustuhan namin kung ayaw nyang malaman ni Don Don ang ginawa ko sa kanya; pagdating na pagdating nang bahay ay kumain muna kami nang spaghetti at yung inumin ni ma'am ay nilagyan namin nang kantaritas para libugin si ma'am. After 30 minutes ay makita mong parang L na L si ma'am at sinabayan pa namin nang panunuod nang mga x-rated movies, nakabukaka si ma'am at kitang kita ni Norman ang suot na itim na panty ni Ma'am at binulong sa akin na kung pwede na ba raw nyang kantutin si ma'am?

Hwag kang hot hayaan mong sya ang magyaya sa atin ang sagot ko sa kanya. Tumabi ako kay ma'am at inalis ang butones na ngayon ay kitang-kita ni Norman kung paano ko susuhin ang napaka sariwang utong ni ma'am, manuod ka muna sa akin Pare ang sabi ko kay Norman; binukaka ko ang hita ni ma'am at dahan-dahang inalis ang suot na panty, tinaas ko ang suot na palda para lalong makita ni Norman ang kapal nang bulbol ni Ms. Garcia sabay pasok nang aking daliri sa kanyang pekpek, nilabas ko daliri ko sa pekpek ni ma'am at kitang-kita nya na basang-basa na si ma'am.

Binaba namin 2 ni Norman ang pantalon namin at nilapit namin ang aming matigas na titi sa mukha nya at pina tsutsupa sa kanya, di marunong tsumupa si Ms. Garcia kaya ang ginawa ni Norman ay dinaliri nya rin si ma'am at dinilaan ang pisngi nang kiki ni ma'am at ako naman ay abalang-abala sa paghihimas sa susuo nya. Ako na muna kakantot sa kanya Pare ang sabi ni Norman sa akin, tumango ako at kinantot nya nang kinatot si Ms.Garcia at ako naman ay lumabas nang kwarto at tuloy sa aking pag iinom.

Pagkatapos naming kantutin si Ms.Garcia ay sabay kaming 3 nag shower sa bathtub at duon ulit namin kinantot si Ms.Garcia. Ang sarap nang feeling namin nang araw na yun, Tinupad ni Norman ang sinabi nya binigyan nya ako nang 10,000 pesos at si Don Don naman ay natuloy ang kasal nila nuong December na hinde nya alam ay piangpiyestahan namin ang kanyang asawa bago sila ikasal.


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