Back Seat

After my 4pm class I had an hour of volleyball practice pa so I let my brothers walk back home with my classmate and avid suitor Alex. I was also expecting a short visit here sa school from Kuya Carlo. We had been exchanging text messages for a few weeks na planning our next meeting but our bussy schedule got in the way. Plus I never had a time alone sa house to "accomodate" him. So, after the practice, I was still in my varsity uniform as I went outside the campus and saw his Honda CRV parked outside. He was in the driver's seat alone. I said goodbye to my team mates and went to meet Kuya Carlo. I hopped in the passenger seat and we drove off. Though walking distance lang naman ang school sa subdivision namen, Kuya Carlo and I had a bit of road trip muna habang nag kwentuhan. He missed me na daw. We went to a seveneleven and had some refreshments. Then mga 6pm he drove me home na. As we got in my subdivision, he drove further muna sa may clubhouse. He parked the CRV under the trees sa may dark side ng clubhouse na di masyado nadadaanan ng sasakyan. It was getting dark na and wala masyado tao sa clubhouse. The area where he parked was not noticable. Of course alam ko na what he had in mind.. 

"Dito mo ba papakita how much you miss me?" I teasingly asked him. He just leaned over to me from the driver's seat and kissed me.. 2 months din ako di naka tikim ng french kiss.. We kissed for about 3 minutes straight, as he worked his hands groping my breast through my varsity shirt. As we parted out lips, medyo napahingal ako. He took my shirt off. I was looking around to see if may makakakita samen. He just told me to relax, tinted naman daw yung windows. He shut the engine as to not to attract much attention. Then he just pulled the driver's and passenger's windows down a bit to let in the air. He threw my shirt at the backseat. He was just wearing a teeshirt and khaki shorts with belt. He slid the back of our seats to a 45 degree angle for us to have more space up front. 

We kissed again and he slid his hand in my shorts and through my underwear to play eith my pubes and clit.. I gasped in his mouth as he fingered my clit. Then Kuya Carl slid my shorts to my legs and I kicked off my rubber shoes so that he could slide my shorts off and he put them in the backseat as well. I was in my bra and panties and socks nalang. I still could not help look arond us. I knew how adventurous he was, which makes me nervous.. We kissed again and he unsclasped my bra. As It slid down my arms, he dove his face to my breasts and sucked at my nipples. I let out a concious moan. I was still looking around nervously. If anyone comes up to where we were parked, I have nothing to cover mysel up.. Kuya Carl kept sucking my twins as he threw my bra to the passenger seat floor, sa foot ko. Then he mashed my breast with his hands as he sucked my nipples.. Napapikit nako sa sarap. I moaned in delight na.. I did my best to unstrap his belt and unzip his shorts. Seeing it would be very difficult for him to position himself in the front seat to (bleep...) me, he sat back up, looked around muna and he went out of the CRV. He walked around to my side and opened the door. Naka unzip na yung shorts nya. He reached down to me and slid my panties off my legs and he threw it in the backseat. I was so concious na coz I was fully naked na except for my socks. The passenger seat side door was open, exposing me to whoever may pass by sa side namen.. Although it was almost dark na and maraming trees sa pinarking ni Kuya Carl. "Kita tayo dito, ano ka ba?" I whispered. He just pulled his zipper open, pulled his brief down enough to release his 7" hard dick, half kneeling at my side he turned me to face the open door, still sitting in my seat, I leaned backwards as he positioned himself over me. He put my right legs over his left arm and my other leg on the open car door. In a crouching position, he poked his hard dick between my legs and slowly impaled me... 

I gasped as his dickhead managed to push inside me for an inch or two.. Medyo well-moist nako.. Seeing it was a hard position, he lifted both my legs over his arms, pushed me forward towards him, shifted his weight and lifted me out of the passenger seat!.. As he stood up, my weight automatically pushed my body downwards to his pelvic area and his dick pushed more than halfway inside of my vagina. Feel na feel ko yung shaft nya sa vaginal walls ko. I was not that wet pa, medyo moist lang kaya feel ko yung friction.. I gasped aloud at the sensation of the sudden implement and the shock that I was completely out of the CRV at the passenger side of the car - Naked and being (bleep...)ed na by this big guy na completely clothed pa except for his unzipped shorts with his dick burried inside of me.. I put my hands over my face "ooohhh, Kuya naman, wag dito sa labas.." Yet he just pushed my back to the side of the backseat door and thrust his hips upward and boom! Pasok na pasok na sya saken.. He made a few more thrusts and I immediately started to get wet.. "Kuya, pleeassse!" I begged.. Anyone culd see us at this position. I was fully naked, ok lang sa kanya coz the only naked part of him was deep in my vagina na!.. After a few more thrusts, he stepped back still carrying me and not detaching our joint sex, he told me to reach back and open the backseat door. I quickly opened it, then he lowered his standing position and slowly crouched forward to fit me inside the backseat. He sat me down, and as I pushed my body into the CRV's backseat, his dick popped out of me.. He then lowered his shorts a bit, crawled on top of me and impaled me again with his hard dick..

Yun na yun.. He (bleep...)ed me there with the backseat door open, half his legs outside. My right leg on the seatbelt corner of the backseat and my left leg on the front passenger seat headrest. Kuya Carlo on top of me, still in his teeshirt, his shots pulled halfway down his butt, his dick pumping hard in and out of my wet pussy.. I just moaned and moaned and orgasmed in just a few seconds.. "ooohhh.. ssshhhit!.. aaagghhh.. ooohhh.. Kuya.." I kept on it as he quickened his pumping.. His arm around under my neck, the other mashing at my breast.. I felt the CRV shaking with his every thrust.. Sa sobrang miss nya saken and excitment, he came agad in just 15 minutes.. Mabilis na yun for him.. After my second orgasm, I felt him push a deep thrust and nag pause sya as his dick pulsated inside of me and I felt the warmth of his spurting sperms flowing through my cervix.. Magkakaron na din naman ako in 4 or 5 days from now so I knew I was safe.. "Aaahhh.. I missed you Shek.." He said as he came.. Sheky kasi ang nickname nya saken.. He pumped me a few more times until nag subside na yung pag cum nya.. He stayed on top of me for a few minutes, both of us catching our breath.. 

"Baka may dumaan, makita tayo.." I whispered as I regained my composure.. He slowly pulled out off me, stood outside the CRV and took a handcercheif from his backpocket and wiped his semi-soft dick from the mixture of my juices and his sperm. He zipped his shorts back up and handed me the handcerchief.. I wiped myself and picked up the scattered pieces of my clothing from the backseat. Nag bihis ako as he went back to the driver's seat. As I slipped on my panties and shorts, I just wore my varsity shirt, braless as I transfered from the backseat to the front passenger seat. Nasa floor ng passenger seat kasi yung bra ko.. As we were all set, Kuya Carl drove me home. 6:50pm na as I hopped out of his CRV and he drove off na. I went inside the house, kissed my parents goodevening and rushed to my bedroom right away. I did not want them to notice I was braless under my shirt..

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